Walmart Files Breach of Contract Lawsuit over Tracy Morgan Settlement

In recent Orlando breach of contract news, lawyers for Walmart have filed a breach of contract lawsuit against its own insurers relating to delayed payment of the Tracy Morgan settlement.  A Walmart tractor trailer rear-ended Tracy Morgan’s limousine in June 2014 on the New Jersey Turnpike when he was leaving after he had performed at a comedy club.  Another comedian in the limo, James McNair, died.  Morgan was left in a coma for days afterwards, suffered a severe brain injury, a broken leg, broken ribs, and other injuries that left him going through rehab so he could re-learn how to walk and other basic skills.  Walmart’s breach of contract claim arises out of its lawyers’ settlement of the Tracy Morgan claim.

Walmart Settles Breach of Contract and Other Claims

Walmart settled the breach of contract and wrongful death claim brought by McNair’s children for $10 million in January 2015, according to court papers.  Walmart settled with Morgan in May 2015, allegedly paying Morgan $90 million to settle his claim.although the actual settlement figure is confidential and cannot be confirmed.

After paying the settlements to resolve the Orlando breach of contract and other claims, Walmart expected its many levels of excess insurance coverage to pay off.  Instead, according to the lawsuit, the insurers “maliciously” prolonged the investigation into the settlement by failing to properly investigate and by making “oppressive” document requests, all as part of a scheme to resist paying the settlements.  You can read more about this Orlando breach of contract news here.

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