Trump Deposed in Breach of Contract Lawsuit

In recent Orlando breach of contract news, attorneys for chef Jose Andres deposed President-elect Trump in the breach of contract lawsuit he filed against Chef Andres. We’ve blogged about Trump’s breach of contract lawsuit against Chef Andres before.  Based on the same set of facts as the lawsuit involving chef Andres, Trump also sued Geoffrey Zakarian for breach of contract about the same time, after Zakarian refused to open a restaurant in Trump’s new DC hotel,.

Although Trump’s lawyers tried to have his deposition delayed in the first breach of contract lawsuit, the judge refused and required that the deposition go forward.  Chef Andres and Zakarian both pulled out of their own individual deals to open a restaurant on Trump’s project just after his televised remarks.  During his June 2015 presidential announcement, Trump accused Mexican immigrants as “bringing drugs,…bringing crime. They’re rapists,”  Both chefs are using those remarks to try and show that Mr. Trump breached the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing.

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