Taylor Swift Sued for Breach of Contract

A recent breach of contract lawsuit involving Taylor Swift’s management company has left a blank space in the star’s transportation needs.  APG Security sued Swift’s management company, Firefly Entertainment, for breach of contract late last year, alleging Firefly breached the parties’ car service contract.  Firefly initially signed a contract with APG Security in which it would supply Swift with chauffeur service from her swank new New York City pad.

APG initially supplied a Chevy Tahoe to ferry Swift and her entourage around town, but this vehicle and its drivers proved insufficient.  A letter to APG from Firefly detailed the shortcomings, including Swift’s dissatisfaction with the type of food and drinks the vehicle was stocked with, and the fact that the drivers apparently bothered her by engaging in unapproved conversation with the pop diva.  In an attempt to appease Firefly and Swift, APG then leased two additional SUVs to cater to Swift at a cost of over $2,000 per month, but it apparently was not enough, as Firefly terminated the contract and refused to pay the leases on the two additional SUVs.  APG then filed suit against Firefly for breach of contract, seeking damages including contract damages for the unpaid lease payments.  You can read more details of this breach of contract lawsuit here.

This case is interesting, not just because it involves pop superstar Taylor Swift, but because of the contract principles at play.  Did Firefly properly terminate the contract based on inadequate food and drinks in the SUV and unauthorized conversations with Swift?  This is a potentially tricky question, as only a material breach of contract allows a party to terminate the contract and a material breach “goes to the heart of the contract.”  So whether termination was appropriate depends on whether the gist of the contract was for APG to provide a car and driver, or the gist of the contract was to provide the amenities that pop superstar Swift desired, including freedom from boorish conversation from the driver while she was in the car.  As an Orlando breach of contract lawyer, It seems to me that the heart of the contract was to provide safe and comfortable transportation to and from the points that Swift and her entourage wished to go.  The amenities in the vehicle, and the rules regarding when and how the driver could talk to Swift seem like minor points compared to the big picture.  Thus, it appears that Firefly may have improperly terminated the contract, which of itself is a material breach of contract entitling APG to recover breach of contract damages.

In any event, it appears that this breach of contract lawsuit has been confidentially settled as it has disappeared from the New York court’s online docket system and is no longer mentioned in any media reports.  Apparently Taylor Swift was able to shake it off after all.

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