More Rapper Breach of Contract News

We told you in February about Jay Z’s breach of contract dispute with Rita Ora and explained how that might impact Orlando breach of contract law and Orlando breach of contract lawyers.  In other breach of contract law news involving rappers, rapper Rocko is suing fellow Atlanta rapper Future for a breach of contract for releasing his most recent albums on Epic Records instead of Rocko’s A1 record label.

Rocko’s label A1 signed Future in 2011, as did Epic Records.  Rocko’s breach of contract law dispute alleges that Future’s contract with A1 required Future to release his first six albums with A1.  Future has released multiple records to date on Epic Records, going all the way back to 2012.

The contract with Epic Records, which Rocko’s breach of contract suit describes as a “distribution deal” only involved distribution of the albums.  A distribution deal differs from a traditional “record deal” in that a distribution deal only obligates the label to distribute the music, having little to no actual involvement in recording or production of the music and limited, if any, rights to the music or publishing rights.

Distribution deals help artists by putting a record labels’ marketing power and millions of dollars behind an album.  A “record deal,” in contrast, generally grants the rights to the music to the label, rather than allowing the artist to retain those rights.

Rocko’s breach of contract law dispute seeks damages including commission on advances Epic provided to Future as well as a percentage of other earnings, including touring, endorsements and more, totaling $10 million.  It will be interesting to see how this breach of contract dispute will play out, especially since such a large amount of money is at stake in this suit.

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