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In recent news for breach of contract attorneys in Orlando, Florida, the Fyre Festival has been sued for breach of contract by irate fans.  No surprise there.  The Festival, billed as a luxury retreat for concert-goers, charged thousands of dollars per person to attend what were supposed to be extravagantly catered concerts on a private island.  Instead, the Festival ended in disaster and breach of contract as guests found no bands, no converts, erts and were stranded in dangerous conditions without food, shelter or money.  Bummer.

For those of you that haven’t heard yet, attendees of the Fyre Festival arrived at the exotic Caribbean location expecting a luxe, pampered experience and were greeted with the opposite—FEMA tent cities, little to no staff available, little or no food.  Having been encouraged to load concert wristbands with money to keep the Festival “cashless,” many of the arriving attendees had no money for transportation back home upon discovering the conditions.

The festival’s organizers are now being sued for breach of contract.  The $100 million lawsuit alleges that the co-founders, Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, knew for months that the infrastructure would not be available but pushed forward with the Festival anyway.  It certainly seems that the organizers may have known that conditions would not be what attendees expected when they arrived.  Prior to the Festival, headlining band Blink-182 tweeted that they would no longer be performing at the Festival due to concerns that they would not have the proper equipment to put on a quality show.

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