NFL Loses Breach of Contract Lawsuit

In Orlando breach of contract attorney news:  A jury has recently found the NFL liable for breach of contract to seven ticket holders to the 2011 Super Bowl who were left without seats.  Just hours before the 2011 Super Bowl, the local fire marshall found that 1,250 temporary seats in Cowboys Stadium stadium were unsafe.  Although the NFL tried to supply new seats, it breached its contract with the ticket holders because some of them did not get seats at all and some of them received obstructed view seats instead of the unrestricted view seats they had purchased.  Although the jury found for the jilted fans in their breach of contract action, it denied the fans’ claim that the NFL fraudulently breached their contracts.

The NFL settled with most of the aggrieved ticket holders, but hundreds of them filed suit and settled, and seven of these plaintiffs refused all settlement offers and pushed their breach of contract claims to trial.  They received a total of $75,000, with individual awards ranging from $5,600 to $22,000.   In a bit of post breach of contract lawsuit drama, ESPN showed an interview with Scott Supina, the president of Seating Solutions, the company many blamed for failing to build the temporary seats fast enough to handle all of the fans.  He initially hinted that the NFL persuaded him to hide the truth and that they told him what to testify to in deposition, but he later said these allegations were not true.  A motion for mistrial by the plaintiffs was apparently denied and the disgruntled fans finally achieved closure in their breach of contract lawsuit four years after the game was played.

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