Malaysia Airlines Sued for Breach of Contract Over Missing Flight MH370

In breach of contract news Orlando Fl, two minor children of a passenger on the still missing flight MH370 filed a breach of contract lawsuit in October 2014 against Malaysia Airlines , the Malaysian government, the Department of Civil Aviation, the Department of Immigration and the Royal Malaysian Air Force.  Flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board.  An international search for the missing Boeing 777 has turned up nothing.  The breach of contract lawsuit was filed by lawyers in Malaysia, and is the first lawsuit filed to date arising out of the flight MH370 tragedy.

The basis of the breach of contract lawsuit is that the passenger signed a safety contract with Malaysia Airlines before the flight, which the airline breached by failing to ensure the safety of the passenger and others onboard the plane.

After filing the breach of contract lawsuit, lawyers requested the court granted the airline a brief extension of time for the defendants to file their response.  The plaintiff’s attorney then put out a statement that new witnesses with knowledge of relevant facts were poised to come forward to assist in their breach of contract claim.

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