Jay-Z Company In Breach of Contract Lawsuit

Jay-Z Sued for breach of contract

In breach of contract news affecting Orlando, lawyers for Jay-Z’s company Roc Nation recently filed a counterclaim for breach of contract in the lawsuit originally filed by Rita Ora in California.  Ora is a British singer and actress.  She signed a recording contract with Roc Nation seven years ago, and her lawyer sued in December, seeking to have the court terminate the contract.  Now Roc Nation’s attorney has filed a counter claim for breach of contract, alleging that Ora breached the parties’ contract by not fulfilling her obligations.

The Roc Nation breach of contract lawsuit alleges that Ora failed to deliver all 5 albums she was supposed to produce during the course of the contract.  To date, Ora has only released one album.  Her attorney blamed the lack of production on the Roc Nation team, stating that they “orphaned” Ora with their lack of support and lack of promotion for her recording career.  Roc Nation claims that it spent $2.3 million on promoting Ora’s not yet released second album, and would lose additional profits if Ora is released from her contract.  The parties’ lawyers are rumored to be working on a settlement, but issues with Roc Nation’s distributor, Sony Music, is complicating things for the lawyers in this Orlando breach of contract case.  You can read more about the Roc Nation-Rita Ora breach of contract lawsuit here.

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