Breach of Contract Damages

What Are Your Breach of Contract Damages?

If you prove that the other party breached your contract, you are entitled to a legal remedy.  A remedy is the means the court uses to achieve justice in your case.  In Orlando breach of contract law, the remedies available fall into two basic categories:  Legal remedies and equitable remedies.

Legal remedies for breach of contract are generally in the form of money damages.  You can read here about the various forms of money damages for breach of contract. Our attorney also talks about the equitable remedies available for breach of contract.  When the court sits in equity, it has more flexibility to fashion an appropriate remedy, which can include injunctions, and specific performance.  You can read about equitable remedies for breach of contract here.

If you have a question about your breach of contract damages, contact our skilled Orlando breach of contract attorney today.

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